Want to gain those muscles? Here are 7 Vegetarian Protein Rich Breakfast options for you

Build muscles with vegetarian diet plan

Tofu/ Paneer Bhurji

Intaking the right proportion of high-protein breakfast keeps you going throughout the day, without experiencing fatigue.

Daliya Paneer Upma

This low-key, high-protein vegetarian breakfast staple is trusted by many in-and-out fitness industry people.

Whey Protein Shake

Protein smoothie is quick and easy to make. You can add your favourite nuts also

Chickpeas Salad Bowl

Chickpeas salad is a volcano of flavours that aptly gives you high-protein breakfast nourishment.

Overnight Chia Pudding

If you are someone who likes a dessert for breakfast, pudding is the way to go


It is a balanced high-protein diet with the right share of carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Banana Peanut Butter Toast

The recipe has 16.8gms of protein per serving.