ये बातें महिलाएं आपको कभी नहीं बताएंगी, यहां जानें उनके राज

Swipe for women's deepest secrets-

Facial Hair

It’s normal for most of us due to hormonal disbalance. We just don’t always want you to see it

Your Clothes

We borrow your hoodies and sweatshirts and never give them back, it makes us feel safe

Your Guy Friends

We hope your guy friends secretly have a crush on us

Girls’ Night

On a girls’ night, we do things you might not approve of

Your Flaws

Flaws only make you more human and knowing about your flaws makes us feel closer to you

Fake Orgasm

Women don’t always get what they want in bed and they don’t always tell you

We Need You

We need you but thanks to our past experiences, we’re scared to admit it