Summer Hacks: इन ठंडी और स्वादिष्ट ड्रिंक्स के साथ इस गर्मी को मात दें

Beat the heat this summer with these cool and tasty drinks

Hello Summers!

As we welcome summers, let us refresh and replenish our body with some of the best summer beverages in order to beat the heat

Aam Panna

This drink does not only keep you refreshed but also energized through sunny days


This solution is best for people dealing with digestion problems, especially during summers

Sattu Sharbat

It's not only refreshing but also filling

Buttermilk (Chaas)

Chaas is a brilliant digestive, and the addition of spices like jeera only enhances the benefits it has to offer

Coconut Water

A chilled glass of coconut water can instantly cheer you up

Sugarcane Juice

It makes for an energy drink and helps build up plasma and body fluids, helping you counter dehydration and dullness