गर्भवती महिला से कभी न पूछें ये 7 सवाल - जानिए वो क्या हैं

Never ask these questions to a pregnant woman


Pregnancy is a whole lot of mood swings. Read this article to find out how you should not be commented on or questioned during your pregnancy:

Gained weight

If your friend, colleague, or family member asks you about your being “huge” that is an insensitive comment.

What Are You So Upset About?

You might feel sad and very anxious as you progress with your pregnancy. The person who asked you such a question, may doesn’t know that this is quite natural.

Why Do You Look So Tired?

Feeling of tiredness tired during pregnancy is common. As a result of: morning sickness, sleep deprivation and frequent bathroom visits.

Is The Baby Planned?

This is an extremely personal question about your sexual relationship with your partner. You may or may not want to discuss your private life with your partner with someone who’s questioning you in this way.

Look at Your Baby Bump

While in some of you, your baby bump might be visible early, in some of you, your baby bump might appear slightly later.

Do You Have a Pregnancy Birth Plan?

This is absolutely in – between you, your partner, and your family. Nobody can ask you such a question.