Latest on Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh, who had hidden himself in a gurdwara

नवीनतम खालिस्तान समर्थक अमृतपाल सिंह पर, जिसने खुद को एक गुरुद्वारे में छिपा लिया था

Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh, wanted by the Punjab Police, had hidden himself in a gurdwara


He changed into western attire from long kurta and fled


He also switched his turban before making his getaway on a bike

CCTV footage

Another CCTV footage showed Amritpal Singh escaping in the Brezza SUV


Thousands of policemen and security personnel have been looking for the Khalistani leader for the past four days


154 arrests have been made so far in the case


Police officials are getting all support from states and central agencies in this case