इस तरह बढ़ाएं रिश्ते में अपनी वैल्यू, जानिए ये फायदेमंद टिप्स

Here's how you gain respect in your relationship


If respect in a relationship is more important to you than anything else, here’s how to ensure you get what you deserve

Give love but never give power

If they don’t show any appreciation for your love then it means that you are giving your power away

Always be mindful to keep a balance

You need to make sure that you stand up for yourself and your needs and tell them what they need to do differently. This will help you gain their respect

Set boundaries

For example, if one partner wants to spend all day at work while the other wants to go shopping, this needs to be discussed beforehand

Respect yourself so that others can respect you

Respect yourself first because, without self respect, you may not get respect in a relationship

Know yourself and your needs

Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses and use these to your advantage. This will help you attract respect in a relationship

Do not be quiet if disrespected

If you keep quiet, you’re only encouraging this behaviour and losing your respect in the relationship