How to turn a woman on - 7 ways

महिला को कैसे उत्तेजित करें

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महिला को कैसे उत्तेजित करें

Make her feel you find her attractive

The fact that you think she's lovely to look at is a significant turn-on.

Know how to treat a girl like a lady

When you're with the girl you like, be polite. Use good table manners, hold the door open for her, and say please and thank you

Set the mood

Getting aroused is environmental and mental. Light candles, turn up the room's temperature, drink a little wine, play sexy music, or dim the lights.

Turn up the heat

Start with slow, friendly, gentle touches.

Whisper in her ear

Ears are an erogenous zone for all genders. Try something like: "I couldn't stop thinking about you today".

Focus on erogenous zones

You can work with, using light touches and soft, slow kisses on her Neck, throat, collarbones and shoulders, feet and ankles, the small of her back (toward the bottom of the spine), back of the knees etc..

Compliment her smile

Make her laugh and compliment her smile. This'll make her feel comfortable around you.

Admire her beauty

Tell her exactly what you find attractive about her. Compliment her physical beauty.