Holi -- most happy time of the year in India

Every spring, people across India and around the world celebrate the Hindu festival Holi, throwing colored water and powders on one another

Holika Dahan

It is a Hindu occasion that celebrates the legend of the burning of Holika, an asuri, upon a burning pyre

Sunny leone enjoying Holi

Bollywood is as excited about Holi as any other Indian

Traditional Indian Holi snack - Gujiya

Whenever we think about Holi the first delicacy that comes to our mind is gujiya - one of the popular and traditional North Indian sweets


Bhang is traditionally distributed during the spring festival of Maha Shivaratri and Holi.

Organic colors

Using a natural colour ensures that you do not harm your skin, eyes and hair while playing Holi.

Holi in Pushkar

It is said that one must enjoy the Holi of Pushkar once in life.

Best Holi movie recommendation --

Looking for a fun way to relax on Holi night? Ye Jawani Hai Diwani is your best bet!