Disturbed with low sperm count? Try these 7 foods for effective results

कम स्पर्म काउंट से हैं परेशान? प्रभावी परिणामों के लिए इन 7 खाद्य पदार्थों को आजमाएं


Eggs are the most recommended Food that is advised for increasing sperm health and sperm count as eggs contain protein which is the best way to increase the volume of sperm.


Banana is rich in magnesium. Therefore, it helps in the movement of sperm and makes it healthy. Banana, if consumed daily, also helps increase the volume of the sperm. In addition, it is beneficial for overall health as it increases stamina, providing an immunity boost.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate works fast. Within weeks it can increase sperm motility. Dark chocolate consists of an enzyme known as L-Arginine, which helps in increasing the sperm count within weeks of consumption. It can be consumed directly or can be added to smoothies.


Consuming garlic increases blood flow which increases the quality of sperm being produced. Garlic contains Vitamins B6 and selenium, which helps in increasing the speed of sperm production in the body.


This is also one of the most useful items that males must include in their daily routine. Regular consumption of asparagus prevents sperms from free radicals. It contains vitamin C that helps increase the motility and volume of the sperm.


Green vegetables contain folic acid, which provides some major essential nutrients to the body and increases the motility of sperm. Green vegetables also help in the production of healthy sperms. Vegetables can be consumed in a dish with roti or can be consumed in a soup.


They have omega-three fatty acids that increase blood flow to the testicles and increase the quantity of sperm produced. Walnuts also have healthy fats that make the cell membrane of the sperm cells, so walnuts are the crucial parts of sperm formation.