All things toxic: Why employees quit their job

Toxic Bosses

A toxic boss is a manager who demoralizes and damages the people underneath them. Their repeated, disruptive behavior drives employees to become disengaged.

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Toxic Workplace

Employees in a toxic work environment may be nervous to speak their minds, raise concerns or share thoughts because they are worried about being rejected or reprimanded.

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No Growth

A declining industry is an industry where growth is either negative or is not growing at the broader rate of economic growth.

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From employees who are too qualified for their roles to people in industries that don’t align with their qualifications, we are experiencing skill mismatch in today’s market.

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No Impact

When an employee fails—or even just performs poorly—managers typically do not blame themselves. The employee doesn’t understand the work, a manager might contend.

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Money Issues

If they are distracted by all these stressors at home, whether sick family members or financial problems, that is impacting their productivity.

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Workplace flexibility embraces the idea that employees can be productive no matter when or where they perform their work. Rather than enforcing a rigid workplace environment or schedule.

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Academic Reasons

Higher academic pursuits was another reason that made 6% employees leave their current job. Bosses want employees to demonstrate professionalism at all times.

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Going Abroad

Workplace conflicts 15 percent of all employees have experienced some sort of conflict at work with management staff or with colleagues duw to abroad working.

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