9 Yoga Asanas To improve Liver Health


Slowly raise your torso and legs off the ground while lying on your back. Hold on to this position for a little while.

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Balasana, sometimes referred to as the child's pose, is a simple position to perform. You must be seated in vajrasana and lean forward while supporting your stomach on the thighs.

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Also called the locust stance. Laying on your stomach, put your hands beneath your belly. While maintaining the remainder of the body on the floor,lift the legs and the head.

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Keep your legs together while you lay on your stomach. Move your upper body upward while applying pressure to your palms to assume the snake stance for a while.

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Raise your legs slowly while lying on your back. Take hold of your legs and raise them up to your head. Lift your head a little off the ground.

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A challenging yoga asana is the bow posture, or dhanurasana. Stretch your hands out and slowly raise your legs while you lay on your stomach.

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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Stand straight and then bend the upper body downward. Come on to your fours and breathe in and breathe out, with the hips up and knees straight.

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Maintain a wide stance on the ground. Form a squat, tuck your hands behind your knees, and assume the prayer position. Maintain a straight spine and place your hands inside your knees.

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